i will continue to say “we” when referring to my sports teams because i spend a shit ton of my very little money and time and mental stability on my fucking teams and sports wouldn’t be such a big industry if stupid people like me didn’t give it so much attention so yeah im gonna fucking say “we” deal with it


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Baie-Comeau Drakkar coach Eric Veilleux threw a tantrum (and all his players’ sticks) after arguing a call. A few of the players look like they’re trying not to crack up.


this is what luca has to look forward to…

"He’s not just a hockey player"

He is not just a hockey player.

To most of us, our favorite hockey player is more than just that. They are our inspiration, our motivation to keep on going. They show us that you should never give up. They don’t listen to the hate, being strong enough to just ignore it. These actions inspire you to follow their path of positivity. Maybe you don’t feel the same way as I do, but I know that my favorite player has made a huge difference in my life, and in no way am I embarrassed to say so. Go ahead. Call me a puck slut. Tell me that I know nothing about hockey. In the end, you don’t know my story. You do not know what he did for me. As I said, he is my inspiration and reason I kept/keep going.


Made this final goodbye video for Luca. I will miss him dearly & I still can’t believe this trade happened.
Good luck Luca in Baie Comeau! Can’t wait until you play us so I can see you again. Thanks for everything & I will still cheer you on no matter what. You are my inspiration & the best player in my eyes.